Ray Lewis Couldn’t Care Less About Being On National Television And Decides To Play On His Phone

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Have you ever been at your job, and you’re just so bored that you just have to pick up your phone for no reason at all other than to just distract yourself from the fact that you’re working? Cause that’s EXACTLY what Ray Lewis did here. Literally so bored sitting in front of the ESPN cameras listening to meaningless thoughts on a Week 2¬†game, that he had to flip through texts and Twitter feed just to keep himself preoccupied. Suzy Kolber’s questions weren’t even interesting enough to keep her own panel entertained. But Ray probably had more important things to do anyway. Like anything other than be where he was.



And how about this look at the end?


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.33.37 AM



If that’s not the face of “Oh shit, I’m on national television for my job right now,” I don’t know what is.



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