Ravens: The Good (Suggs Extends), The Bad (Rice Arrested), and The Ugly (Rice Arrested)

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The Good

The Ravens’ offseason salary cap juggle officially got underway yesterday as Baltimore and Terrell Suggs agreed to a four-year contract extension.  Suggs, who is 31, received a 4 year deal that guarantees him $16 million and probably ensures that he’ll be a Raven for life. The move also saves the Ravens $4 million against the cap.  Terrell is the Ravens career leader in sacks (94.5) and forced fumbles (29).  Suggs is also one of the best 3-4 linebackers against the run in the NFL.  In fact, as an outside 3-4 linebacker, he may be one of the best against the run ever.  Plus, T-Sizzle is honest as hell, and a fun character to have around.  Freakin’ love this dude and his hate for Tom Brady.

The Bad, and The Ugly

Unfortunately, his signing has been overshadowed by reports that both Ray Rice and his girlfriend were arrested for an altercation at Revel Casino in Atlantic City.  Evidently, they got violent with each other, as both were arrested.  Rice’s attorney is calling the altercation a “minor incident”.  But minor incidents don’t usually end up in arrest.  Other media outlets, including Deadspin, are reporting that Rice may have punched his lady and knocked her out.  Either way, this behavior is pretty inexcusable on Rice’s part.  Simply put, he can’t be doing this shit.  Alcohol and arguing with chicks doesn’t mix well, especially late night.  (It has been reported that the incident occurred after 2 a.m.) Ray Rice is huge in this community and big on anti-bullying and other kids’ issues.  I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but at first glance it seems he should be practicing what he preaches and not having late night, probably alcohol fueled, throw downs  with his old lady.  I’m sure the Ravens aren’t too thrilled with this.  Couple this with the fact that Rice and everything about the run game sucked last season, and Ray Rice may find himself a spot in the famous Harbaugh doghouse when mini camps start.  Hopefully Rice and his girlfriend can get past this and hopefully Rice doesn’t put his hands on any more women in a threatening fashion.

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  1. Morality clause. May get them out of the contract.

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