Ravens Thank Fans By Raising Ticket Prices

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The Baltimore Ravens have thanked their loyal fans by raising tickets prices 10%.  The Ravens were sixth in the NFL last year in average ticket price at around 91 bucks a pop.  Now that average stands to be at about $100.  This means it will cost a family of four around 400 American Dollars to walk into M&T Bank stadium next year.   Add at least another 100 for food and sodas and another 20-40 for parking and you’re looking at a small fortune for Mr. Average Baltimoron.  The rising prices also mean that four drunk maniacs will spend well over a $1000 between them to attend the game and booze it up. The Ravens will say it’s a business decision based on player salaries and rising operating cost.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.  With 200 million coming to each team next year in TV money, getting an extra 10 bucks out of each fan seems petty.  I understand that it’s a business and that the team itself  isn’t really as profitable on its own as everyone thinks, but it is still profitable and maybe the Ravens could have held off on a ticket hike.  $100 bucks a pop seems high for a city with a median income of $38,000.

But what does it really matter?  The Ravens have been sold out since they got here and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon.  Fans will shell out the dough this time,  just like they did the last time prices increased.  If any fan suddenly can’t afford their season tickets, there are plenty of others who can, and these folks are eager to step up.  The machine that is the NFL will grind on and grind the average fan up with it.   I just wonder when it will stop.  Will $15o cause and uproar?  $200.  Only time will tell.  So bend over Ravens fans;  but with another Lombardi in the case,  at least you’ll be bending over with a smile on your face.




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