Ravens Take Thumper Elam, Pass On That Fake Girlfriend Dude.

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I sat terrified as the draft unfolded.  I was convinced Manti Te’o was coming to Baltimore.  I have nothing against Manti, mind you, but after crushing him on this site, I was going to have to eat a big plate of shit if Ozzie had pulled the trigger on him.  Instead I am free to make fun of  poor old  Te’o at will if I need a cheap joke.  Unless of course the Ravens trade up in the second round to get him, but I don’t see that happening.  But enough of  internet hoaxes and catfish, we’ve got a beast to talk about.

The Ravens are  thrilled to be getting Matt Elam. With the beloved Ed Reed and the hard-hitting Bernard Pollard  both gone, the Ravens needed to shore up the back-end of their defense.  The Ravens did just that by signing Michael Huff away from Oakland, and drafting Elam out of Florida.  Elam is a fucking beast.  He is fast and violent.   If the Ravens wanted to get faster without losing that violent type of  hitter that  Pollard was, they accomplished that with Matt Elam.  Here’s part of his scouting report from the NFL Draft Geeks:

Matt Elam is the most violent hitter in the draft, but isn’t just a head hunter. He’s an extremely smart player with a high football IQ who knows where the ball is going, and where he needs to be. He’s got the athleticism to cover the middle of the field, and is strong in run support evidenced by his 75+ tackles the past two season

You can read more about Elam and other draft picks at their site:  http://www.nfldraftgeek.com/index.php

This guy has been on the fast track to the NFL since he was in High School.  Parade All American, team captain at Florida, and now he joins a World Champion.  Welcome to Baltimore, Matt Elam.

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