Ravens Struggle On The Road, Drop One To The Hated Horseshoe, 20-13

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(Note; The reason this is posted late is because I was watching the O’s kick the shit out of Detroit and was too excited to put words and phrases together in regards to a shitty Ravens loss.)

The Ravens were supposed to go to Indianapolis and assert themselves as force to be reckoned with in the AFC.  They were supposed to run the football on a perceived weak Indianapolis front seven.  The offensive line was supposed to continue their dominating play and continue to keep Joe Flacco clean.

None of that happened.  Instead, the Ravens looked lost on offense.  The offensive line was manhandled by an average Indianapolis front in passing situations and Flacco, who hadn’t been touched in three weeks, was sacked four times.  The Ravens gave up on the run, only rushing the football 15 times despite popping some big runs and averaging six yards a carry.  Oh, and the Ravens turned the ball over three times.  It was ugly.

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The defense was not without blame, despite having played pretty well given the circumstances.  The Ravens turned the Colts over four times and held the Colts at bay for much of the game.  But the Ravens defense allowed several long, clock eating drives.  They couldn’t get off the field.  The Colts ran 80 plays, which may explain how they were able to win the game despite giving the ball up four times.

The questions will come for Coach Harbaugh and company. Why does this team play so poorly on the road?  Why did they give up on the run?  Why did they throw the ball on fourth and one down near the goalline?  Why didn’t they go to the hurry up offense sooner than they did, especially since Flacco seems to thrive in it?  All are valid points that are open for discussion all week.  (And the Ravens did get out-coached.) But truthfully, this game felt like a game that the Ravens weren’t going to win, no matter what decisions were made.  That’s because the Colts won the line of scrimmage for most of the day on both sides of the ball.  Coaches can scheme all they want, if the big uglies aren’t winning the line of scrimmage, it’s going to be a tough day.

Other Game Notes And Thoughts

Where’s the pink? The Ravens didn’t have one shred of pink on for NFL breast cancer awareness month.  In the wake of the Ray Rice disaster, you would think the Ravens would have been draped in pink velvet capes.  Thumbs down for the Ravens on this one, babes.

All the above being said, the Ravens still had a last minute chance.  We’ve seen this before and it ain’t a big deal for Joe Cool to lead a game tying and game winning drives.   But in the fluster-cluck that was this game, Joe underthrew Torrey Smith on a go route on fourth and three to end the Ravens chances.  Damn.

CJ Mosley is an absolute force on defense.  Mosley had 8 tackles, six assists, and a pick near the end zone.  Mosley does it inside and outside.  He can stuff the run between the tackles and he’s fast and strong enough to shed blockers on outside runs and screen plays.  Mosley, so far, looks the part of, Ray Lewis heir apparent.

colts mosly

I’d like to see more Marlon Brown and more Kyle Juszczyk in the game planning.  They are talented players who are not seeing touches.

This was a sloppy and poorly played road game.  Unfortunately, road games have presented as a problem to this team.  Since the beginning of last year the Ravens are 3-9 on the road.  They can’t let this pattern continue.  The Ravens lost to a inferiorly talented team today because they played sloppy football and were out-coached.  Those are two things that can be fixed.  Time to go fix it.  We’ve only got seven days til the Ravens travel to Tampa.


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