Ravens Stink Up Fourth Quarter- Lose To Chargers

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The Ravens defense laid an egg Sunday.  A big, fat, stinking, reeking egg.  The defense, led in ineptitude by their secondary, gave up 21 points in the fourth quarter and allowed Philip Rivers and his highly punch-able face to steal one late at the Big Crabcake.  Rivers and his right arm sliced up the Ravens for 383 yards and three touchdowns.  The last TD Rivers threw was the game winner and it came with 46 seconds remaining in the game.  It was the first time all afternoon that the Chargers held the lead.

Philip Rivers

And that’s what makes this loss so frustrating.  This wasn’t a back and forth affair in which the team that had the ball last would probably win, this was a game in which the Ravens had the lead for almost the entire contest.  Baltimore was seemingly in control until Rivers and company proved that feeling to be a false one.

A34-33 loss that occurs in the game’s last seconds is almost always going to be blamed on the defense, but the offense has to shoulder a least a bit of the blame.  Yeah, the O scored 33 points, and that should be enough, but settling for four Justin Tucker field goals isn’t doing anybody any favors.  All of Tucker’s field goals came as a result of drives that stalled inside the red zone. Any one of those becomes a touchdown, this game’s in the book as a W.  Personally, I thought the Ravens should have gone for it on fourth down from the three yard line on their second possession of the game.  But I think punting is stupid anyway.  Have you ever noticed that football is one of the only sports where offensive possession is given up willfully?

But enough of my punting pontificating.  This was a shitty loss at a shitty time and it means the Ravens will probably have to win out to make the playoffs.  Brutal, babes.

rivers 1


Game Notes

Justin Forsett ran for 106 yards and caught two passes for 17 more.  He’s the lynchpin of this offense.  It just sucks he couldn’t find the end zone.

rivers 2

Torrey Smith has been playing well.  It looks like he’s finally comfortable in this offense.  Torrey had two touchdowns to go with six catches for 65 yards.  His first TD was a one handed beauty.

Steve Smith had a shitty game complete with several drops and an illegal motion penalty.  He finished with just one catch for two yards.

I would like to see Kyle Juszczyk more involved in the game plan.  When he’s involved good things happen.

Of course Jacoby Jones bobbled the return on the very last drive.  Been that kinda year for him.

Antonio Gates is a damn good football player.  7 catches for 83 tough yards.  He’s a beast.

I hate the prevent defense.  On the Chargers’ last drive the Ravens’ DB’s were playing 12-15 yards off of the line of scrimmage.  I know it’s a numbers and percentage game, but damn that kind of cushion just sucks.

This game was a big kick in the nuts.  Time to put a bag of frozen peas on the area of pain and move on.


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