Ravens’ Steve Smith Gets Into Another Fist Fight During Practice. Is This A Good Thing?

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This is not only a good thing, but a great thing, in my opinion. Today during practice, Ravens’ wide receiver Steve Smith and corner back Chykie Brown got into a physical altercation, in which they had to be separated by teammates. The two were participating in a blocking drill, tempers flared, and the two started swinging at each other. Chykie Brown got kicked out of practice by coach John Harbaugh for kicking a football following a dropped interception. Harbaugh also got heated with Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees for allowing Brown to act in such a manner.

This is Steve Smith’s second fight during a practice this off season, the first being with corner Lardarius Webb. Many people may look at the fact that Smith is fighting with teammates as a bad thing, and understandably so. Clearly team chemistry is absolutely crucial in sports, particularly football, which is the ultimate team game. But I don’t view Steve Smith fighting with cornerbacks as a bad thing. In fact, I love every second of it.

Steve Smith has always been a chippy player, and had punched several teammates when with the Carolina Panthers, where he had spent his entire career before becoming a Raven. This is just how Steve Smith gets down. Kill ’em now, worry ’bout it later. To me this shows how much he loves the game of football, even towards the back end of his career. He still cares about the game he plays just as much as he always has, and still takes very much pride in his work. Wide receiver is commonly known as the diva position, and Steve Smith doesn’t have one ounce of that gene in him. Despite being one of the shortest receivers in the league at 5’9″, he just wants to bully the other teams’ defensive backs. During practice, everyone is competing for their jobs, whether it be as a starter or as a back up, and I love seeing the fire still alive in Steve Smith to be the best he can be. When Smith and Webb got in their physical altercation earlier in the off season, the two quickly made up, and have been on good terms ever since. I believe that this is just how Steve Smith rolls, and this fight will blow over just as the last one did.

Here’s some of Smith’s finest work:

Ice Up Son!

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