Ravens Stand Tall

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Does it get any better Baltimore?  You can’t make this stuff up. The story lines are straight outta Hollywood.  Ray Lewis and the defense make a final stand on the goal line to seal up a Super Bowl victory.  Jacoby Jones makes two huge plays in his home town to help bring Baltimore another Lombardi trophy. Joe Flacco caps off one of the greatest post-season runs in NFL history with an MVP performance.  Anquan Boldin lets everyone in football know that he is a complete beast.  Big brother John wins family bragging rights.  And Ed Reed and T Sizzle finally gets their much deserved championship.  There are so many angles to take when discussing this game that it is hard to focus on just one.  But it seems fitting to acknowledge that an organization built on defense sealed up a championship with an impressive goal line stand.  Yes Flacco and the offense carried the day, but the defense stood tall when it mattered most.  To put those four plays together after a brutal second half says a ton about the will and fortitude of this football team.  Kaepernick was hot and the Ravens were on their heels.  It was gut check time, and the Ravens answered the bell.

I especially love the fact that the Ravens sold out on fourth down. Sending the blitz from Kaepernick’s left and up the middle forced the Niners QB into a quick decision, and perhaps more importantly negated any possibility of a draw.  After bending but not breaking for much of the post season, ultimately it was an extremely aggressive play call that brought home the steel.

At the other end of the play the Jimmy Smith/ Micheal Crabtree embrace was an excellent no-call.  Crabtree initiated the contact and the ball was uncatchable regardless. Not to mention the fact that the officials allowed a lot of down-field contact the entire game.  Torrey Smith was being held constantly.  The refs were consistent, and to think otherwise is foolish.  Take it like a man San Fran, a horrible first half cost you the title, not a penalty that never was.

So enjoy Baltimore, the Lombardi is ours.  Stand tall like it’s fourth and goal.







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