Ravens Sign A New QB… And It’s Not Who You Think

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With the injury to Joe Flacco, many people, myself included, thought the Ravens might go after free agent Colin Kaepernick. After all, Colin’s former coach Jim Harbach is John’s brother.

From a football standpoint, the right move would have been to sign Kaep. He’d be arguably a top 3 backup QB in the league, and with a back injury, however minor they tell us it is, you just never know. If you go into week one and Flacco is still unable to play, the season’s already over if you’re counting on Ryan Mallet for a number of games. You may as well throw in the towel before you get going. But Kaepernick has won games before in this league with a good defense, and if the Ravens needed someone to fill Joe’s spot for a couple weeks, I have confidence enough that they could still win games, and the season would not be lost.

However it looks like the circus that goes along with Kaepernick was too much for the Ravens, as they’ve signed an Arena League quarterback (was this seriously the next best option??).

But I’m reading a little more into this than the Ravens being unwilling to bring around the Kaepernick circus. I think this move tells me that the Ravens genuinely think Flacco will only miss minimal time. They don’t need Joe to be healthy for Preseason game one, they need him for regular season week one, which is still well over a month away.

All in all, this quarterback signing is less than appealing, but if Joe’s ready and healthy, none of it matters.

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  1. Sit the F down Kapernick.. you’re good at that.

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