Ravens Should Zero In On Wide Receiver Denarius Moore

Sports and Bets — March 18, 2015 at 8:10 pm by

by Babes
The Ravens have been their usual prudent selves thus far in free agency.  They have been interested in many names, but have not gotten themselves into any bidding wars.  Names like Vince Wilfork, Tramon Williams, and Scott Chandler have been rumored to be on the Ravens radar, but only a solid depth signing of Safety Kendrick Lewis and the resigning of Running Back Justin Forsett have come to fruition.

The most glaring need for this team right now is a deep threat at wide receiver.  The Ravens have very little speed at the position, and nobody that a defense has to worry about getting behind them.  The loss of Torrey Smith leaves a big void, but I believe can be filled by Denarius Moore.  Moore is 26, and a free agent after spending four seasons in Oakland.  He’s almost a clone of Torrey Smith physically, as they both stand six foot tall, with Moore being a few pounds lighter.  Moore’s biggest attribute is his blazing speed, and like Torrey Smith, Moore strikes fear in the back end of a defense, because he can fly.  That’s exactly what the Ravens need.


Moore has a career yard per catch average of 15.3, and has scored 17 touchdowns in his career.  Mind you, he’s been stuck in Oakland the last four years, playing with the likes of Kyle Boller, Terrell Pryor, Jason Campbell, and Pat McGloin. Ugh, I mean Matt McGloin throwing him the football.  Hardly a stellar list of signal callers and I believe Moore has his best football ahead of him.  Pairing him with Joe Flacco could be what resurrects his career after a horrible season last year where he fell out of favor with the Raiders’ coaching staff.  That conflict in Oakland could be a big blessing in disguise for both Moore and the Ravens.  With Moore coming off such a shit year, he shouldn’t command more then a one year deal for about a million bucks.  That’s right in the Ravens price range, as they are bargain shopping the wide receiver market.  The Moore/Raven marriage couldn’t be any better.


Signing Moore and letting him rip nine routes 15 times a game is just what this offense desperately needs.  And on the cheap, Moore can come to Baltimore and prove he’s not, “just a gang-banger with speed,” as Ray Griffen so succinctly put it the classic football movie, The Program.  Great move for both sides. C’mon Ozzie, listen to the Babes and pull the trigger!

(Moore is scheduled to visit the Jets.  No word on any Baltimore plans for Denarius.)


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