Ravens Release Jacoby Jones

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The move had to be done, but fuck, man, I hate seeing him go. Without Jacoby Jones, the Ravens don’t win the 2012 Super Bowl. That’s just a fact. We don’t even make it out of Denver.

Jacoby was about to enter the second year of a three year deal, and would carry a $3.3 million cap hit.

But the reality of the situation, is Jones isn’t the same player he was back then. We all thought he’d step up into a quality number two, or at least three, reciever, but he’s done nothing but regress and drop balls since. He had 131 yards on 9 catches in 2014. His kick return game is still nothing to scoff at, but you can’t drop that kind of money on a kick returner.

“We thank Jacoby for what he did for us. He was invaluable to our success,” John Harbaugh said of Jacoby’s departure. “Jacoby is one of my most favorite players ever to coach, an absolute joy to be around. He’s a good person with a good heart.” 

We’ll miss you here in Baltimore, Coby.


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