Ravens Rank 36th, Orioles 42nd In ESPN The Magazine’s Ultimate Standings

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ESPN’s annual rankings of the 122 big four professional sport franchises are out. They surveyed over 100,000 fans to rate their home teams in the following categories: fan relations (FRL), ownership (OWN), affordability (AFF), stadium experience (STX), players (PLA), coaching (CCH), and title track (TTR). They also used a bang for the buck (BNG) formula devised by some nerds in Oregon to calculate how effectively fans’ money is translated into wins. Here’s how everything shook out for the home town teams. (Full standings here)


There’s actually a misprint in ESPN’s chart; the Ravens title track is 15, not 5. The Ravens were 10th overall last year, but a drop to 36th is understandable with them missing the playoffs last season, the Ray Rice debacle, and high prices at the stadium. Parking increased to $40 and a soda will run you $7.50. The Ravens’ soda prices are the highest in the league, which is an absolute fucking joke. The Ravens still put a great product on the field, so all things considered, I think that they got a pretty fair ranking.

Surprise, surprise, the Orioles’ worst category is ownership. Who would have thought that one? But coming in 86th out of 122 is probably the best that Angelos has ever done in these rankings, so I guess slow progress is better than no progress. I was shocked to see that the Orioles were ranked 11 spots behind the Ravens when it came to their players’ effort on the field and likability off it. Show me someone who believes that, and I’ll show you a complete moron who needs to look at the arrest records of the two teams.

The Orioles dropped 8 spots from last year, which was very surprising to me. If anything, I thought that they should have moved up in the rankings as this franchise is clearly trending upwards. I don’t agree with that 65 title track ranking, either. But I guess a lot of people are still skeptical about the Birds’ chances after that miserable 14 year stretch of losing baseball. O’s fans definitely got the coaching category right, though. Showalter coming in at 13th was the best ranking of all baseball managers. Buckle the fuck up, babes.


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