Ravens In The White House

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Just before the Ravens lock up their most recent Lombardi in the trophy case and set their sights on the next, they had one last thing to do, the good old White House trip. Nothing makes a title more official than the signed and sealed approval of the Prez. Here`s a couple of thoughts on yesterday’s executive visit.

1)      It’s just business…right?  Pro athletes love pulling this cliché out whenever something doesn’t go their way,  and it’s usually said by the guy who`s packing their bags and heading out of town. But when you’re the champs, doing business like this can be real fun. Not in many businesses do you end up hanging out and shaking hands with The President of the United States as he congratulates you on a job well done. When the confetti drops and you’re crowned champs, you’re going to Disney World and the White House. Its business when your down, but  even 6’7 300 lb. linemen are smiling like a 7-year-old on Christmas morning on days like yesterday.

"Yeah, it's me, just chillin'"

“Yeah, it’s me, just chillin'”

2)      Joey Cool ….is Joey Cool even at the white house. I know some fans don’t always love Flacco`s laid back attitude but I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated more than I did yesterday. Obama was busy talking Joe up  “There he is. Good timing with that contract up. That was some good timing. I don’t know about you, Joe, but I would say that qualifies as elite.”  Meanwhile Joe’s just chilling in the back row trying to fly under the radar. Joe doesn’t need the President to tell him he’s elite, he’s been saying it himself for years, we just didn’t believe him.

3)      Ray`s Next Profession- Ray’s last ride is over and while some people think he might get into coaching, I think there`s something bigger on the horizon for Ray. I saw the way he was checking out the White House digs yesterday.  Lewis ’16 sounds good to me. Not sure who his running mate would be, or that it would matter.  If he can get people fired up to vote as passionately as he does to play football it would be a land slide. “What time is it??? Voting time. Any dogs in the house???”.  You get the point.  Imagine Ray`s state of the union addresses. When it’s over you’re either going to want to shed a tear or do some bare knuckle boxing.  If we have a dispute with a foreign dictator who thinks they can intimidate us, just fly their ass over here for a face to face meeting with President Lewis, and we’ll see how intimidating they are inches away from the master of disaster.

"Keep The Place Clean For Me, I'll Be Back In '16".

“Keep The Place Clean For Me, I’ll Be Back In ’16”.

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