Ravens: Ice Up Son, Steve Smith Is Now A Raven, and Jameel McClain Shows Love

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Steve Smith Now A Raven

The Ravens have signed wide out Steve Smith to a three-year deal today as the purple birds continue to roll this off-season.  Smith is a possession receiver with burner speed and that combination has made him a lethal weapon for a long time.  Smith is 34, and had one of his worst seasons as a pro last year, but he had to battle though a lot of injuries over the course of the year and 64 catches for over 700 yards and 4 TDs is still pretty damn solid.  The Ravens have to feel that Smith is more than capable of surpassing those totals next year.  Here’s his last three years:

2011:  79 catches /1,394 yards / 7 TDs

2012:  73 catches/ 1,173 yards/ 4 TDs

2013:  64 yards/ 745 yards/ 4 TDs

Whether they’ve got Smith slated for the slot, or outside, they’ll take this kind of production all day long.

Steve joins Torrey, Jimmy, and Daryl as the Smiths of Baltimore.

Plus, you gotta love it when a guy comes into town with this kind of attitude:

“I want to make sure that whatever team I go to, they’re going to get the best, in shape 35-year-old guy they can get,” Smith told WFNZ in Charlotte.

“If that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium (in Carolina), put your goggles on cause there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere.”

The Ravens just happen to play the Panthers this upcoming season.  I got some goggles somewhere…..

This is a nice signing for the Ravens.


Jameel McClain Leaves Heartfelt Message For Baltimore

In other Ravens news, linebacker Jameel McClain signed a deal with the New York Giants and got rich.  Well deserved, especially for a guy who was undrafted and who then had to deal with a devastating spinal injury.   McClain took the hard road to big money, and you gotta love it when hard working guys like him make it in the NFL.  McClain, despite being cut, still had lots of love for Baltimore, the team and the city that signed him and turned him into a solid middle linebacker.  McClain wrote this message to the Ravens and the City of Baltimore on his Facebook page.  In an off-season of behavioral turmoil, this is a big breath of fresh air.  Too bad the Ravens couldn’t afford to keep him.

For the past 6 years I have been privileged to be a member of one of the great sports franchises in this country, and to make Baltimore my home…I am blessed because of the opportunity, and forever grateful that Ozzie Newsome and his staff recognized my potential and gave me a chance, that John Harbaugh and all my coaches helped me develop my skill…and that Steven Bisciotti proved to me that hard work does indeed pay off…I want to thank the Ravens organization for all of their support…and my teammates, without which none of this would be here, and my future would not be quite as bright.

To the city of Baltimore and its great fans – even though I’m moving on to the big Apple, my community work is something that will carry on here – as I will continue my commitment to change and to improve the lives of others!!…thank you for your support and encouragement…you have made me a better person.

To NY/NJ and the Giants nation…here I come!…as one of my predecessors shouted to the world, “Can’t Wait”!!



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