Ravens Going To Release Safety Lardarius Webb

Sports and Bets — March 9, 2017 at 3:46 am by




It was unlikely Lardarius Webb would be playing in Baltimore again next year due to his large cap hit, and once the Ravens agreed to sign former Cardinal Tony Jefferson on Wednesday, it was obvious Webb is no longer in the Ravens plans.

Many fans will be happy to see Webb go, but I’m actually going to take a different approach. Now, obviously we’re all going to agree that Webb needed to be cut, but I’m still sorry to see him go. Did Webb live up to the contract the Ravens game him in 2012 before his injuries when he looked to be a promising young corner that could blossom into a number one shut down corner? No, but Webb is a hard working grinder type of guy who made a name for himself after being drafted in the third round out of Nicholls State, and did everything the team asked him to. You can’t hate a guy like that. He was just never the same after tearing his ACL shortly after signing his big money deal, and because his production never matched his pay, fans seemed to turn on the guy. But I’ll miss Webb, but fully understand that this was the right move from the organization’s standpoint.



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