Ravens Choke Away Season In Houston, Lose 25-13

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They say that to grow mentally as a human being one should learn something new every day.  Today I learned that the Ravens are definitely not a playoff team after they vomited away their season onto the field at NRG Stadium in Houston.  The Ravens have zero business being in the NFL’s post-season tournament after the way they played today.  This was an embarrassment of monumental proportions and it may be the worst regular-season loss of the John Harbaugh era. Our Baltimore Birds were utterly dominated by a 7-7 team that was starting a quarterback that had been signed back onto the team just a week ago.  This journeyman, who goes by the name of Case Keenum, had a career staring record of 0-8 coming into today’s game.  But he outplayed Joe Flacco, and he walked off the field a spoiler and a winner. Meanwhile, Flacco, who has been a winner and clutch player plenty of times in the past, looked about as comfortable on the field in Houston as a 300 pound Catholic priest would look on a nude beach in Europe.  The game was a total disaster for Joe, his stat line,  21-50/195/2TD/3INT/41.7 rating, looks better than what the reality was.  Joe was running scared all day,and throwing off of his back foot, and making poor decisions, and floating lame ducks up all over the filed.   He sure picked a hell of a time to have his worst game of the year.

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But Flacco wasn’t the only Baltimore player who brought his D-game.  The offensive line was dominated all day long by the Houston front seven.  The Ravens couldn’t run because the O-Line couldn’t open up holes, so they gave up on it.  The Ravens couldn’t protect either, which helped Flacco turn into skittish Flacco.  Then the two starting tackles, first Rick Wagner and then Eugene Monroe, left with injuries, and a comeback became as likely as s spaceship landing on 695 .

It was a hideous offensive display, one that seemed to be a thing of the past under the new system employed by new coordinator, Gary Kubiak.  But the yearly offensive road-game turd reared its ugly head again and it will likely keep the Ravens out of the playoffs.  Make no mistake, Ravens’ fans, this was a massive choke.

Game Notes

The Ravens rushed for 33 yards as a team on 16 carries.  That’s pathetic.

Flacco’s three picks broke down as one tipped pass, one god-awful decision, and one receiver that fell down.  It was a venerable cornucopia of disasters.

On the Ravens’ second drive of the day, Steve Smith dropped a first down pass from Joe.  That set the tone for the entire day.

The Ravens sacked Case Keenum exactly zero times.  The one time Elvis Dumervil got to him, Keenum was throwing the ball forward and a fumble was reversed.  No sack babes.


The Ravens didn’t run a play inside Texans’ territory until there was 12:14 left in the third quarter.

The defense held the Texans to a lot of filed goals (six).  They saved an early blow-out by protecting a short field on several occasions.  But defenses can only hold on for so long- no matter who the QB is.  And anyway, the offense was so bad that even the six field goals would have been enough for the Texans to win.

Several Ravens players and coaches played and coached in Houston prior to coming Baltimore. Gary Kubiak, Jacoby Jones, Justin Forsett, and Owen Daniels didn’t do anything to make Texas miss them.

Not the Ravens come home to face the Cleveland Johnny Footballs. Maybe it will mean something.



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