Ravens Are Crushing The Draft Yet Again

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Is there any doubt that the Ravens wanted to add some speed to their defense this off-season?  This dude Arthur Brown out of Kansas State is crazy fast and brings some much needed juice to the Raven’s linebacking corps.  Last year the Raven linebackers struggled in coverage against backs and tight ends.  With the kind of speed Brown is showing, that may not be much of an issue any more. The Ravens traded up to get Brown, and later said that he was a coveted, targeted, player.  This means they got their man for the second straight round. Bingo.

This kid, like the beast Matt Elam the Ravens drafted yesterday, is a tackling machine.  He had over 100 tackles last year and from watching his highlight tape below, it seems he relishes contact and likes to deliver knock-out type blows.  In other words he has already excelled at Raven football 101. 

The Ravens love guys who love football, and from the scouting reports, Brown seems to be just that,  a film study monster who is a leader and loves the game he plays. For more on Arthur Brown go to the boys at Draft Geeks:       



Welcome to Charm City, Brandon Williams

Brown, just like Matt Elam, seems to have been born to play football.  Arthur is another High School Parade All American who went to Miami, and then transferred to Kansas State.  At K-State he became a two-year captain who left no doubt that he would be getting paid to play on Sundays.  Now he comes to Ravenstown.  Welcome to Baltimore, Arthur Brown.

But the Ravens weren’t done.  To continue the reloading of the defense, the Ravens added another big- ass mofo for the D-Line rotation.  His name is Brandon Williams, and he’s 335 pounds of anger.  He is strong as hell too, and the middle of the Ravens line has definitely been addressed.  Hopefully big- boy Brandon will be keeping blockers off of Arthur Brown for years to come.

It’s fucking awesome being a Ravens fan.  Ozzie Newsome is a damn genius and deserves every accolade he receives.  It’s a lot of fun watching the Ravens patiently and smartly execute their off-season plan.  So many other teams just seem disorganized and chaotic when it comes to adding off-season talent. Never Baltimore and Ozzie “Smooth” Newsome. Hell, the Ravens just won a championship, and by cleaning house and reloading, they may be even better on defense next year.  I already can’t wait for training camp.


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