Ravens 2OT Playoff Win Named Best Game Of 2012 – Relive It Here

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The NFL Network loves to count ’em down.  Their latest list consists of the Best Games of 2012.  I would venture a guess that this #1 was the least debated #1 of any list they have ever put together.  The Ravens’ win in Denver was incredible and one of the greatest game in NFL history.  Hell, I still get goose bumps when I talk about it, and the mere mention of it as the year’s best has me cruising YouTube, watching game highlights, post game interviews, and fan’s reactions.  I just picked some of my favorites and posted them in a timeline here.  Take a walk down Raven memory lane with the Ol’ Seabass babes.

1.  Jacoby Jones catches the Mile High Miracle.  I was working behind the bar at Looney’s in Canton, and when Jones caught this ball the whole place erupted.  (The whole city of Baltimore went nuts.) It was the greatest single moment I’ve ever had bartending, and I guarantee all of us will remember exactly where we were when this play went down.  This footage is from the stands at Mile High.  Denver fan reaction is priceless.

2.  The second Justin Tucker’s kick cleared the uprights, I knew the Ravens were winning the Super Bowl.  Again from the stands. Love the bench reaction, and of course the love shown by Sizzle.

3.  But you still got to play the game Sal!

4.  Game highlights and Baltimore Fan reaction montage


5.  Denver Fans reaction.  Funny if you like to see people’s hope and dreams destroyed.  Which of course, I do.  Fan anger begins at 3:05 mark.

Hope you enjoyed.  In three months the quest for a repeat begins.


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