Raven Fans Are Panicking, But Remember It’s Just Business

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Before you read this post listen to Michael Corleone…


Thanks Michael, but AAAAAAARRRRGHHHH!  The free agency frenzy is turning into an Owings Mills house cleaning.  The Ravens have just released Bernard Pollard, and the hard-hitting safety joins a growing  list of talented players who will no longer be wearing  the purple and black.  Pollard joins Matt Birk, Ray Lewis, Anquan Boldin, Paul Krueger, and Dannell Ellerbe as newly crowned world champions who will either be playing golf or playing for another team come September. Bryant McKinnie, Cary Williams, and possibly even Ed Reed may be joining this list shortly as the Ravens seem hell-bent on getting younger and fiscally sound.   Ravens fans seem confused and even angry, especially about the Pollard release.  Pollard is just 28 and his salary cap number is only $2.5 million, a seemingly small number considering how much Pollard embodies the idea of the proto-typical Raven.  He is hard hitting, plays hurt, and has a knack for making big plays at big moments. (Just ask Stevan Ridley.) 

The timing of the release seems odd as well, especially after the Chris Canty signing.  Canty was signed to help strengthen the middle of the field as part of the D-line rotation , something the Ravens vowed to do after having a sub-par season against the run.  Pollard is a thumping, tackling machine in the prime of his career, so it’s hard to see how his departure remains in-line with this philosophy. 

It will be interesting to see what happens next.  There are probably a lot of nervous veterans around the Ravens locker room right now.  Cary Williams will probably not be back, and it wouldn’t surprise me if  Bryant Mckinnie and Ed Reed were playing elsewhere as well.  I expect  that Jameel McClain and Vonta Leach will get their walking papers next, as Baltimore continues this post-championship salary dump. 

But all is not lost Ravens fans.  The Black Birds still have a solid core of bona-fide superstars on both offense and defense.  Ozzie will build on top of these stars through the draft like he always does.  The Ravens have 8 picks this year plus what ever compensatory picks they are given by the league this month.  Look at Baltimore to be extremely active come April.

Free agency has plenty to offer as well.  Right player, right price.  Canty is a nice addition, and the Ravens have apparently been talking to James Harrison.  Yes THAT James Harrison.  If  Baltimore can get him on the cheap, I actually would like this move.  He would be an upgrade against the run over the departed Paul Krueger, (Harrison grades out as a top backer against the run on www.profootballfocus.com , a site we highly recommend.) and he still registered 6 sacks last year.  We currently hate Harrison, of course, but refer again to a young Michael Corleone before getting too emotional about it.  He would make a nice complement to Terrell Suggs as a pass rusher.

So hang in there folks.  While  it’s very upsetting watching these players go,  in the long run it  just may be the right move.  Just like the young Godfather to be said so many years ago…..it’s strictly business.



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