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The preseason sucks.  The first preseason game is only exciting because it signals the beginning of the new football season, but after that these games drag out and August becomes a big NFL prick tease.  Besides, what do these performances really mean?  I can’t imagine that teams are game planning.  Are teams just working on a few particulars?  Are they running plays so they can get film on a specific player?  Who the hell knows.  For us fans, we just want the starters to look good and last night sent out mixed signals.  The Ravens pretty much pummelled the Cowboys in winning, 37-30, but it wasn’t always pretty.

Offense Looked Bad, Then Good

Joe Flacco’s stat line was pretty good, 9-17 for 113 yards and a TD to Torrey Smith, but he started the game 1-5.  The offense looked crappy to start, but that may have had more to do with the fact that they had wait almost an hour after kickoff to get on the field.  The Ravens scored a defensive touchdown, then allowed a long Dallas drive for a TD, and then Deonte Thompson took a kick return to the house.  Flacco and company warmed up in the second quarter, as Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for 38 yards on a laser delivered to the slant running receiver.  Joe then hit Torrey for the aforementioned score.  The starters would ultimately put up ten points in a half of work. It was both good and bad, I guess.

Running Game Is Improved

One thing is for sure, the run game is going to be better than last year.  The players have definitely bought into Kubiak’s zone system.  The O-Line is getting movement off the ball and the backs are running hard.  Bernard Pierce, Ray Rice, and Lorenzo Taliaferro all look like viable options.  Even Justin Forsett looks good.  The Black Birds are deep at running back.

Stop Playing Secondary Starters In Preseason

I don’t care if we lose the last two preseason games by a combined score of 200-12.  No starting cornerbacks should be allowed to play anymore this August.  Jimmy Smith was spitting up blood like Jack Nicholson’s character in The Bucket List after falling hard to the turf in defense of a Tony room to Dez Bryant pass.  With Lardarius Webb  already nicked up and Asa Jackson hurting, we can’t lose any more corners.  Shut ’em down til the real footballs start flying.

Dez Bryant Is Good At Football

It was fun watching him play last night, knowing the game didn’t count.  Absolute beast.


Bedsides Jimmy Smith, Ray Rice dinged up his shoulder.  X-Rays were negative, but it seems the injury bug is biting this squad.  The Ravens have already lost two D-Linemen for the year and as mentioned earlier the secondary  looks like a piece of bruised swiss chesese.  Gotta shake off the surgeon’s knife, being healthy is almost as important as being talented in today’s NFL.

Kyle Juszczyk May Catch 50 Balls This Year

The Ravens and Gary Kubiak seem to love this kid’s versatility.  They’ve got him split wide, coming out of the backfield on wheel and seam routes, and hammering linebacker when the team runs the football. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy catches 50 passes his year.  He’s got good hands and he’s a matchup nightmare for linebackers.

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