Rain Goes Away and Kevin Gausman Makes Statement Against Jays

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So while it looked like crap most of the day Thursday, the rain moved out and the O’s and Jays played ball. Those of you who did not wuss out and stay home because of a little rain saw a great game on a nice night. For those of you who did stay home because they were afraid they’d melt; it serves you right you. (My buddy Bert falls into the later category.  C’mon, man.)


Real fans show up in the rain. But what the hell is wrong with the guy who wants to sit in the last row of the stadium on a night when there are more ushers than fans? (see above)

Meanwhile, last night Kevin Gausman threw a great game, giving up only one run over six innings. Kevin wasn’t spectacular, but he sure got the job done. It was a great sign of things to come and when Mike Gonzalez returns it looks like Gausman has made a strong case to hold down a rotation spot. His fastball sat around 97 MPH and topped out at 99 MPH. If his other pitches start working a little better, especially his slider, we’re talking “Ace” stuff, but lets not jump there just yet.

This was a huge win for the Birds as entering the night the Orioles were 4.5 games back of the division leading Blue Jays, and Toronto starter Mark Buehrle had been nothing short of amazing this season. So when the O’s needed a big start, the Young-Gun Gausman really answered when the bell rung. The Orioles have needed better starting pitching and we have been talking about who the Orioles could add to the roster to help their rotation. Well, based on what I saw Thursday, we might have just found our guy.

Between his 99 MPH fastball and the new glasses Gausman has been rocking during games, I swear that if he didn’t look 13 he could be the real- life Rick Vaughn. WILD THING!!!

cover pic: tireball.com

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