Racist Lady Goes On Unbelievable Rant After Near Car Accident

News — August 15, 2014 at 12:08 pm by

Jesus Christ, what an awful human being. And this is after a near accident. I can’t even imagine the hatred that would’ve came out of her mouth if they actually did collide. Hopefully, her anger would’ve been too much for her to handle, and her head would have exploded Scanners style.


I wasn’t a sociology major, but I’m pretty sure calling a Muslim a “son of a nigger loving atheist bitch” doesn’t make any damn sense. She’s gotta be the biggest misguided racist since Clayton Bigsby. I really wish that guy would’ve stood his ground when she charged at him, and gave her the beating of the lifetime. Lord knows, she was asking for it. He did the right thing by keeping his cool, though. There’s no need to sink to her level. He’s just gotta let karma take care of her, like it has countless scumbags before her.

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