Rabbi & Towson University Professor Arrested On Voyeurism Charges

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Barry Freundel, 62, is the spiritual leader at Kesher Israel in Georgetown, an associate professor at Towson University, and a fucking scumbag. Freundel was arrested and charged with voyeurism for secretly recording women take showers at his synagogue. Here’s WBAL on how this creep set up his disgusting scheme.

“The showers are purifying baths that Freundel pushed to establish. They are primarily used by those converting to Judaism. According to police, the hidden camera looked similar to one that’s disguised as a clock radio. The police report said a witness told investigators that the rabbi said he was using it for ventilation in the shower.”

Freundel has been suspended without pay from Kesher Israel. Towson has released a bullshit statement, saying that they are aware of the charges, but will not comment further at this time. Apparently, this pervert is one of the most prominent rabbis in the region. I’m really hoping that he doesn’t get some slap on the wrist from the law, and is then welcomed back to Kesher Israel and Towson. Fuck this guy. As a Towson alum, I wish they fired his ass already.

Update: Towson has suspended him indefinitely WITH PAY. Talk about laying the hammer down. What a fucking joke.

via WBAL & WJZ
cover pic: WBAL

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