R.I.P Robin Williams: His Top 15 Performances

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by Babes
We lost one of the greatest entertainers of our generation yesterday. By now, you’ve heard that Robin Williams was found dead at his home Monday afternoon. It’s impossible to not love Robin Williams and all his quirky characters.
Williams was one the greatest comedians of our time, but he also had the range to do drama and even play a psychopath once in a while.  I’ve compiled a list of my fifteen favorite Robin Williams performances in his honor.
15.  Awakenings:  His role as Dr Sayer displayed Williams unique ability to do drama without losing his comedic flare.

14.  Jumangi:  Williams really found his niche in the nineties in kid friendly movies.

13.  Patch Adams:  Once again a perfect case of Williams blending his unique form of comedy with a highly dramatic role.

12.  One Hour Photo:  Williams is simply eerie as the one hour photo employee who stalks his customers.

11.  What Dreams May Come:  It’s kind of corny, but it is an inspirational movie if you allow yourself to care.

10.  Night At The Museum:  Just a cameo basically, but Williams showed his acting prowess as Teddy Roosevelt.

9.  Insomnia:  Williams pulls another turn as an author who kills one of his biggest fans, then finds a way to blackmail the homicide detective who is chasing him.

8.  Hook:  Great movie that everybody loved as a kid.  Williams plays the grown up version of Peter Pan.

7.  World’s Greatest Dad:  This dark comedy/drama is a must see if you’ve never.  Williams troubled son mistakenly kills himself while masturbating.

6.  Mrs. Doubtfire:  Maybe his signature role as the father who will stop at nothing to see his children.


5.  Good Morning Vietnam:  Williams’ breakout role as the radio jockey in Vietnam who spoke his mind.

4.  Aladdin:  Williams was so funny as the voice of the Genie.  He made the entire movie.

3.  The Birdcage:  Williams was gut wrenching funny as a gay man who has to pretend his partner is actually his wife.

2.  Dead Poets Society:  Williams was brilliant as John Keating, the prep school teacher who goes the extra miles past the curriculum to teach his students the beauty of poetry.

1.  Good Will Hunting:  His Oscar winning role as Sean McGuire, the Boston psychiatrist who shows Will there’s more to life then loving yourself.

Robin Williams will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace.

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