Quan’s Got Love For B-Town

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A few days ago Anquan Boldin said that he would retire from football if the Ravens decided to cut him.  This means that Boldin will only play for Baltimore.  Baltimore and no one else.  His play during the playoffs this year alone was enough to cement his legacy within Baltimore sports history, but this statement alone may help raise him to immortal status.  Here in Baltimore we carry a chip on our shoulder.  Hell, even Mr. Badass himself, Steve Bisciotti, brought this point up during the Super Bowl Victory parade. ( A parade that drew about 250,000 people.) But why?  Why do we carry this chip?


We carry this chip because the whole rest of the country thinks we all are just like the characters on The Wire.  Even though we carry some sort of  weird pride in regards to the show, we know there is a hell of a lot more to Baltimore than just guns and drugs.  We carry this chip because we are caught between D.C and Philly, and because we aren’t New York.  We carry it because Paul Tagliabue told us we deserved another museum, not another football team. (Was he calling us stupid too?)   We are also angry at Tagliabue for causing the blackout at the Superdome.  We carry it because a historic franchise stole away from here in the middle of the night and took 30 years of football glory with it.   We are pissed off that we have the most beautiful baseball park in the world and have had a terrible team for 15 years.  (Until last year, but even then the Yankee fans still invaded the place.)  We are bitter because John Elway refused to play here.  We are angry because T.O. said he wouldn’t come here either. (How many rings you got Owens?)  All of these things (and more) have made us who we are.  A proud but angry sports town. But all of this anger and attitude has to be counter-balanced by something, and  that something has been our absolute devotion to the Ravens.  I always remember loving the NFL and rooting for a favorite team, but it was nothing like this.  We now have something to do on Fall and Winter Sundays.   The Ravens are ours.   And not only are they ours, they are winners.   This town needed a winner, and almost from the get-go the Ravens were that.  The first Super Bowl was fun and it validated Art Modell’s  move to Baltimore, but this second championship has proven what many of us Balitmorons already knew: the Ravens are the most popular sports franchise in our history.  Our love for this team is fierce and no one throws a party like we do on Sunday. (Just walk the lots before every home game.)

Which brings me back to Anquan Boldin.  When an athlete of such caliber says he will only play here in Baltimore it will forever endear him to us.  No doubt in my mind,  we fans will be talking about Boldin for a long time.  Not only for his play on the field, but for the loyalty and love he has shown us .  Through all the rejections and stereotypes this city has suffered through, it’s good to be loved.  So please Ravens,  make sure Anquan comes back.  Joe needs him and so do your fans.

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