Put Davis Back At First And Call Up Dariel Alvarez; The Chris Parmalee Experiment Didn’t Work

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First thing’s first, I’m not exactly positive why the Orioles have been starting Chris Davis in right field, and Chris Parmalee at first. It could be because they are trying to see if we have a legit replacement for Davis if the O’s decide to trade him, it could be because they are trying to market Davis as either a first baseman or an outfielder on the trade market, or it could just be because they think this is the best defensive lineup for the team right now. One thing’s for sure, the Orioles will never tell us the reason.

All in all, this experiment might have been worth it. You never know what you may have until you try it. Going into Saturday night’s game, the Orioles are one game under .500, and sit four and a half games out of first place. Given that it’s a down year for the AL East, I’d have to see the O’s drop to at least 7-10 games below .500 before I’d really consider them sellers at the trade deadline. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

According to Dan Connelly of the Baltimore Sun, the O’s have pretty much confirmed that they’re not trading Davis while in contention. First of all, I completely agree with this strategy. Even if the Orioles don’t trade Davis, and don’t offer him a long term deal in the offseason, they will without a doubt make him a qualifying offer at the season’s end. He won’t take this offer, in all likelihood, and the O’s would get a first round pick out of it as compensation. If the O’s traded Davis as a rental player to a team in contention, it’s unlikely they would get a player better than they could draft in the first round in return, so it would make little sense to trade him.

Davis takes a lot of shit around here, but at the end of the day, he has still driven in more runs than any other Oriole, and has 19 home runs. That’s not exactly a guy that a team who feels they can win the division should look to trade away.

So the bottom line here is what do you do with Davis? Do you keep him in right field, where he is a sub-par defender, or do you bring him back to first base, where I believe he can be a plus defender?

I think the obvious answer is to bring him back to first. But then what do you do with Chris Parmalee? As Roch Kubatko pointed out, Parmalee is only 4-33 without a single RBI in the month of July. Can’t have that on a team. It’s time to bring up minor league sensation Dariel Alvarez, who’s natural position is in right field. In AAA this season so far Alvarez is batting .283, with 13 homers and 48 RBI. He has batted .335 since the start of June. He isn’t a plus defender in the outfield, but who are we kidding, neither is anyone else on this roster outside of David Lough, and MAYBE Reimold (and obviously Jones). From everything I’ve been hearing, he’s ready for the big leagues.

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Alvarez will be called up this season, there’s basically no doubt about that. But the time to bring him up is now. And the time to realize that Chris Parmalee can’t help this team is now. Put Davis back where he belongs at first, and put Alvarez in the outfield.

Parmalee is a strong candidate to be designated for assignment once it is Gausman’s turn in the rotation on Wednesday night. So the O’s would have to either send someone else down, or DFA another outfielder. Love you Nolan Reimold, but you’re just not doing anything for me anymore. Time to go. We’ve been hearing about his “potential” for just shy of a decade, and I’m tired of it. There’s just no room on this team for mediocre players, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, even when he’s healthy, that’s what Reimold is.

We’ll all be keeping an eye on this, but if you haven’t heard of Dariel Alvarez, keep a close eye on him, cause he’s the future in right field for the Baltimore Orioles.


PS- How fucking good is Manny Machado?? I’m sitting here writing this thing, and he goes yard again. Totally irrelevant to this blog, but what a baseball player that guy is.

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