Puff, Puff, Give. You Can Carry The Mary Jane And Not Get Arrested In Maryland Starting Tomorrow.

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Starting tomorrow, it’s a mere $100 fine if you get popped for holding less than 10 grams of the wacky weed.  This isn’t full blown legalization, mind you, but now, if you’re a fan of the ganja, you won’t have to worry about wearing bracelets if you happen to get caught by Johnny Law pulling on that one-hitter.  With the court systems and prisons maxed out, and with weed everywhere and as easy to buy as a gallon of milk, the law makes sense for Maryland.  Why waste people’s time and waste taxpayer’s money chasing and prosecuting stoners and recreational marijuana smokers?  It just doesn’t make sense.

The next step is probably legalization, as science and society slowly but surely exonerate marijuana from its current, “evil narcotic,” status, and as our broke-ass government realizes the tax revenue stream that weed legalization will provide.

Somewhere on the other side, Peter Tosh is smiling…..


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