Props To Luke Terry, A One-Armed Catcher Who Received First Pitch At Wednesday’s O’s Game

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To start off Wednesday night’s game, the Orioles welcomed Luke Terry to be the catcher for the first pitch. Luke is a 14-year-old from Tennessee, where he is the starting catcher for his team…and he happens to have one arm. This is pretty inspiring stuff, at this rate Luke will be gunning down baserunners with the best of them.

Score Terry, a 14-year-old from central Tennessee who had his right arm amputated before his second birthday due to an infection, drew considerable attention when footage of him catching – and hosing baserunners at second – went up on YouTube earlier this season, so the Baltimore Orioles invited him down to Camden Yards on Wednesday to give the youngster a big-league workout.

Jim Palmer through out the first pitch, which me to a thought. Can Palmer still throw some heat?


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