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We are creeping up on Super Sunday.  Now is when America really gets ramped up for the big game.  This also means it’s handicapping time and the decisions you make over the next 72 hours will greatly effect your bankroll.  Most players will simply stick to the line and the over/under.  (Currently the 49ers are favored by 4 and the over/under is 48.)  But it’s hard to resist those goofy-ass prop bets come Super Bowl.  So what do ya like?  Heads or tails during the coin flip?  Will Alicia Keys’ rendition of the National Anthem be longer or shorter than 2minutes and 10 seconds?What color will Beyonce’s top be during halftime?  Will Jay-Z join her on stage?  What color will the Gatorade be when it is dumped on the winning coach?  Yes, folks these are real bets, and there is real money to be made.  Here are some bets that caught our eye on Following that will be my Super Bowl picks.  Enjoy!

Odds to win MVP:

Kaepernick 8/5                Ray Lewis     7/1

Flacco          11/4               Ray Rice      12/1

Boldin         16/1

1st  Overall TD:

Rice and Frank Gore are co-favorites at 6/1

Boldin and Smith     17/2

Pitta                            12/1

Flacco Pass Yards Over/Under:     250.5 yards

Flacco First Completion Yards Over/ Under:    9.5 yards

Anquan Boldin Receptions Over/Under:  4.5 receptions

Ray Rice Total Rush Yards:  67.5 yards

Post game coaches handshake/embrace over/under: 6 seconds

The list goes on.  On Bovada there are over 250 player prop bets.  You can even bet who will have more points: Lebron James vs the Raptors or the 49ers in the Super Bowl.  You can bet on the performance of any player, it’s crazy fun.

All this being said, we feel the game will be close.  Whoever is getting points would seem to be the play.  The fact that the team we think will win outright is the team getting points is just a bonus.  The Ravens are battle tested and ready.  We feel the 49ers are susceptible to the deep ball and to the run out of spread formations.  These are two things the Ravens do very well.  Besides there is absolutely no way I bet against our boys at this point of the season.  I also like a couple of props.  I always bet tails on the flip, it’s just something I do. (Currently it stands as 23 heads and 23 tails in the previous 46 Super Bowls.) I also like Bernard Pierce to go over 32.5 yards rushing, I think his running style suits this match-up, and I think the Ravens will involve him in the game plan.  And finally, I like the over in the amount of times the name Harbaugh is said during the game.  The over/under is 21.5.  That goes way over.  So, have fun, good luck, and Go Ravens!



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  1. My brother in-law put 25 on the Raven’s to with the Superbowl earlier in the year. It is only paying out 300 if they win. Lucky bastard.

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