Pro Gamer Pays The Price For Celebrating Too Early

Fails, Humor — July 20, 2015 at 5:50 pm by

First off, I have to pay my respects to those two announcers. What an electric performance. Step aside Michaels and Collinsworth, there’s two new sheriffs in town when it comes to broadcasting excellence. Now let’s move on to this bonehead prematurely blowing his victory load. Come on, man. Does the name Leon Lett mean nothing to you? I guess some people aren’t cut out for the bright lights of the EVO. That’s Evolution Championship Series for all you n00bs. All it takes is one momentarily lapse of concentration to suffer an excruciating defeat. Does this look like a person who you can afford to make sloppy mistakes against and still emerge victorious?

Fuck no. That’s a rhythmically challenged killing machine who won’t hesitate to destroy you. He saw an opening to rip that kid’s heart out of his chest cavity and dance all over his grave, and that’s exactly what he did. Competitive gaming is one fickle bitch.

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