Yelp! Prison Reviews

Entertainment, Featured — April 29, 2013 at 4:31 pm by

DailyMail Best known for its honest and sometimes  scathing consumer reviews of restaurants, Yelp has now expanded to include  inmates ratings for prisons.Prisoners, their lawyers and family members  are joining the growing band of internet reviewers on Yelp who critique  everything from bowling alleys to plumbers. And with typical candor, reviews make plain  that employees at New York’s Sing Sing Correctional facility are the ‘most  unprofessional staff in the world and the rudest’, while at New York City’s  Rikers Island, ‘If the roaches and rats don’t mess with you the correctional  officers will.’

Maybe I’m just clueless, but do you get to choose the jail you go to?  Either way, I will use Yelp not only to plan my future meals, but to plan any jail time I may end up doing as well.












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