Prince George’s County Police Confiscated Weed-Infused Candy Meant For Trick-Or-Treaters

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Some people in the Maryland area might have been giving out weed-infused candy for Halloween. The Prince George’s County Police Department confiscated multiple boxes of weed candy, in which each individual piece of candy contained 100 mg of THC. The candy was brought to Maryland from Colorado, and other west coast locations, just in time for Halloween.

I’m not quite sure what the point behind this would be. Why would you go through the trouble of ordering weed candy to give away? I’m sure there’s going to be a bunch of parents who freak out over this and act like their entire neighborhood is just a bunch of rapists trying to get their kids high and molest them. Probably not, but who knows. Giving weed to unknowing kids is pretty fucked up though, just saying.


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  1. Hey Author. Do some fact checking before you report erroneously. Where did they find people giving this to children? Stop LYING to push your agenda That article is so bs. Nobody giving those candies to trick or treaters. Each one of those candy bars coast about 5-8 bucks each.. Typical smear campaign by the Anti-pot crowd.

  2. How do they know they were for trick or treators? If someone went through the trouble of having them sent here, they wouldn’t be giving them to kids, when they could do it themselves. You must take the general population there in MD for being completely stupid. That’s why i left that oppressive state.

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