Prince Fielder Is Naked & On The Cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue

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Of all the things in the sports world, ESPN’s Body Issue magazines might confuse me the most. I’ll just never understand why a sports magazine with a predominately male readership would publish an issue featuring so many naked dudes. I get that Prince Fielder is fat, Serge Ibaka is tall as fuck, and Michael Phelps is in tremendous shape. I don’t need a bunch of nude photos to drive that point home.


It’s also funny that Fielder is in the issue because his body may very well be in the early stages of breaking down. In 2013, he hit the fewest home runs that he’s ever hit in a full season. In 2014, he turned 30, and played in only 42 games before suffering a neck injury and being ruled out for the rest of the year. Granted, Fielder was remarkably healthy prior to that, playing in at least 157 games for 8 straight seasons. But I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that being 5-11 and weighing 275 pounds aren’t the optimum dimensions for being a professional baseball player.

On a positive note, when the magazine hits newsstands this Friday, Fielder is only one of the six athletes that received a cover, so your odds of getting his are pretty low. If the stars align, you’ll get the one featuring U.S Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson.



U.S. Olympic hockey player Hilary Knight is also featured in the magazine.



Maybe these Body Issues aren’t so bad after all.

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