Pretty Boy Signs Extension….Joe Cool Shouldn’t Care

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The NFL is buzzing over Tom Brady’s new contract extension.  Brady signed a three-year extension for three years and $27 million.  This apparent act of martyrdom will keep Brady a Patriot for the rest of his career and create salary cap space for years to come.  The national media is lauding it as an unselfish and holy act, saying that Brady has forsaken money for the good of the team.  Brady it seems, has given the good old home team discount to New England. Yes the deal does create cap space and spread out some of Brady’s current salary, but it also becomes  guaranteed for the duration of the extension.  That’s right, there are no voidable years on this deal, and New England may end up hating the final year or two of this contract. Paying someone 14 million at age 40 is a definite crap shoot, and the Patriots are banking on hitting their point before Brady gets to the final years of this deal by winning a Super Bowl, or two, over the next three years.  So while the numbers aren’t gaudy on the extension deal, it’s still a smart move for Brady, who will be drawing cash out of the Robert Kraft ATM for 5 more seasons regardless of injury or level of play. 

Some have compared the Brady extension signing with the current Joe Flacco/Raven contract talks.  Many have said that Flacco should take heed and maybe give the Ravens a break.  The Ravens are up against the cap, and a team friendly deal would allow the boys in purple to remain contenders.  If Tom Brady can give the Pats a break, why can’t Flacco give the Ravens one?  Flacco can’t, and shouldn’t, because the two situations are like apples and oranges. Brady, at one time, was the highest paid player in the NFL.  When the time came for him to get paid, he got paid.  There was no home team discount then.  Players usually get one massive contract in the NFL, and the Golden Boy already got his.  Now it’s Joe’s turn, and with the new TV money looming in the distance, Joe has got to get his now.  There is no other time.  Brady is also 35 years old.  His decline is on the horizon.  The fact that he is now in a  $100 million guaranteed deal  that will pay him until he is 40 is incredible.  Joe is 28.  He is in prime earning years.  Most players won’t have the ability or luxury of getting any kind of deal at 35.  Joe has to get paid now.  It’s his time.  He deserves it.  The Ravens will still have the ability to sign other key players, as long as they spread Joe’s guaranteed cash out.  Will there be tough decisions to make?  Of course, but teams, including the Ravens,  have to make these decisions every year.

So let’s not canonize Tom Brady for sainthood based on his contract.  He got what the market beared before and has now guaranteed himself big money til 40.  (Not to mention the fact that his wife may be worth more than he is financially.)  His contract has nothing to do with our own #5.  Don’t expect Flacco to budge on this deal at this time.  He shouldn’t.  It’s his time to get paid.

By the way here are some numbers to look at about both QB’s. Courtesy ESPN. (sort of)




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