Pranksters Dress Up Dog Like A Terrifying Spider & Everybody Shits Their Pants

Humor — September 4, 2014 at 5:40 pm by

What an excellent prank. I definitely would have hauled ass if I saw that menacing creature coming at me. I’m no hero. And talk about a first-rate production with those costumes, victims, gore, and webs. I think that dude at the end of the video was on the verge of tears when he was struggling to get out of that giant web.


Also, that web brought back some great memories of the Elastic Jungle obstacle from Guts. MO!


As much as I enjoyed this prank, I really hope that this was a one time thing. It only takes one brave soul to take on this beast, and then your cool dog just got Justin Tucker’d to the moon. So let’s enjoy these laughs, and quit while we’re ahead.

via Uproxx

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