Portland Man Arrested For Blocking Traffic…Dressed As Tree

Entertainment, News — October 24, 2016 at 6:00 pm by

A Portland, Maine man thought he had it all figured out when he set out to block traffic. If he dressed as a tree, he could do what he needed to do, and vanish into the woods undetected. The perfect crime. He went on with his flawless plan, but it didn’t go as we all expected. Unfazed by police warnings, this tree was eventually arrested.  

According to @TVTEDDY, this guy wanted to see how his act affected “people’s natural choreography”. We can only hope that this maverick’s mother knows this was in the name of science, and she should be proud. She won’t be bailing out her son that likes to dress as a tree, she will be bailing out her son, the hero.

Tree refuses any questioning, because trees don’t speak

More details on the Tree man.

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