Pontoon Boat Crashes Into Truck

Humor — July 15, 2014 at 3:05 pm by

Just a complete lack of respect for such a fine piece of aquatic machinery. I can understand doing a half-assed hitch job for a jet ski or a little fishing boat, but not for a pontooner. The Cadillac of the boating game deserves better than that, and anyone who has spent a day getting bombed in the Assawoman Bay on one of those bad boys would agree. So get it together, dipshits. Owning a pontoon boat is a privilege, not a right.

I also feel terrible for the dude with the truck. He’s just trying to enjoy a beer after a long day on the water when his vehicle gets drilled. Talk about a fucking buzz kill. Maybe it’s alright to momentarily turn down to make sure your boat is safely hitched? Is that a fair compromise, Lil Jon?

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