Place Your Bets Babes….It’s Tourney Time!

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Everybody who loves sports and sports  wagering loves the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.  It’s constant action that offers tons of wagering opportunities.  You’ve got bracket pools, block pools, and individual game betting.  Personally, I’m anti-bracket, so I’m not gonna sit here and give you my final four and all that crap.  I mean anybody can fill out that thing and win.  Whoever knows the most about college basketball always loses those pools.  It’s always the most annoying chick in the office who wins those things, and she bases her picks on team mascots and colors.  Fuck that.  The block number pools are a lot of fun, but there’s not much to write about with those.  Also note that anyone can bet the 1 and 2 seeds and hope that they cover huge spreads.  So those matchups are out of this discussion.  We’ll dig a little deeper here and look for individual games that we feel offer good wagering opportunities.  Here are some first rounders we like. 

Midwest Region

(5) Oklahoma State (-3) vs (12) Oregon…….Oregon is hot, but the Pac 10 or 12 or whatever the hell they are now sucks.  Look for Ok. St. to cover easily.

(9) Missouri (-3) vs (8) Colorado State……Missouri too athletic for CSU. Period.


(8) UNC (-3.5) Vs (9) Villanova…..I know, laying points all over the place makes me nervous too, but again I just don’t see Villanova keeping up with the athletic Tarheels.  ACC got no love in this tournament, and as much as I hate UNC, they should have been seeded higher than this.  This will be one of my biggest plays of the day.

(6) UCLA (+3) vs (11) Minnesota…An 11 seed is favored over a 6 seed?  Well leading Bruins scorer Jordan Adams is done for the year.  I still think UCLA will keep it close though, so I’m backing the Bruins here over the slow and boring Gophers.


(12) Ole Miss (+6) vs (5) Wisconsin…..In the immortal words of the Stallion, “If you take, you will make”.  Take those points baby!  Ole Miss is hot and I just don’t believe in slow Big 10 Teams.  Ole Miss came from 13 down to win SEC tourney against Florida.

(3) New Mexico (-11) vs (14) Harvard…..See above.  I think New Mexico has a legit shot at the Final Four.  Lay the lumber and hope they cover.


(11) Bucknell (+4) vs (6) Butler…..Butler is a tough out.  They are always in the discussion come tourney time.  But Mike Muscala is a beast for Bucknell.  He averages 19 and 11.  That kind of player can carry a Cinderella for a while.  Upset city as we buy into the hype.

(7) Illinois (-1.5) vs (10) Colorado…..Think this number should be higher.  Illinois is pretty darn good in a tough conference.


Have fun and good luck to all!

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