Pizza Hut Lost A Woman’s Order, So She Did The Only Reasonable Thing And Crashed Her Car Into The Building

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The Lower Hudson News reports that the Pizza Hut in New Rochelle, NY, was the victim of a hit and run after an angry customer backed her Volkswagen Jetta into the building and then drove off.

Witnesses on the scene gave reporters different explanations for what had set the customer off, but according to News 12 Westchester, police say the driver was upset because she’d placed an order online only to arrive at the Hut and find no pie waiting for her.

The woman drove off after the crash, which cracked the glass of the Hut’s doors, but police were able to locate her and put her under arrest.

Woah, woah, woah, what kind of world are we living in where people are trying to make this woman out to be some kind of psycho? No way, Pizza Hut lost her order, let’s remember that. They cast the first stone. You lose my order when I’m having a hankering for one of your shitty pizzas, and you can bet your sweet ass the least you’re about to have to deal with is a sedan coming full force into your front doors. I’m forming a posse, and I’m burning that God awful pizza chain restaurant to the ground and pissing in its ashes. Too aggressive? Not for the egregious mistake of not making my pizza in a timely fashion.

PS- Papa John’s for life.

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