Pitta’s Hurt, But Step Back Away From The Ledge Raven’s Fans.

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I know it sucks. Not even a week into training camp, and we lose the guy who is supposed to pick up the slack for the departed Anquan Boldin.  Yep Dennis Pitta is out for the year with a dislocated hip. What to do now?  First thing is move on and not harp on it, it’s done we have to deal with it.  The next step is replace Pitta’s potential production.

There are a few in house options starting with former Terp Matt Furstenberg, I really like his ability. He caught my eye in Maryland’s crazy game against Clemson two years ago, and I was ecstatic when we were able to land him as an undrafted free agent. I remember thinking that he had low first or early second round draft potential as he hauled in TD’s against the Tigers on that Saturday. He has great size, speed, athletic ability, and the ball skills to be a very productive TE.



Another option is to use rookie fullback Kyle Juszczyk as an H back to help replace Pitta’s targets in the passing game. Juszczyk is a very capable receiver as he hauled in 125 balls for over 1500 yards in his last two years at Harvard. He reminds me a lot of Chris Cooley in the fact that he can block yet still get down the field in the seam.  He has reliable hands, and can make plays in the short to intermediate passing game to move the chains. But to really execute this option we need to bring back the beast, Vonta Leach.  Bringing Leach back gives us the opportunity to attack from multiple formations and really keep defenses off balance.  As much as I hate to say this,  an offensive attack similar to New England’s last year makes the most sense to me, as you use a lot of two TE sets to both run the football and set up play action opportunities.



Let’s step back and self scout for a second. As our personnel stands at the moment we really have two main threats. We have a strong running game and a very capable deep passing game. If I’m a defensive coordinator I put a safety over the top of Torrey Smith and then I commit to stopping the run. We have to develop a strong enough presence on the other side of the field with our second outside receiver to keep safeties honest. Whether that’s Jacoby Jones or Tandon Doss remains to be seen.  Next we have to show that whoever is paired up with Ed Dickson can make plays in the passing game, so we can  attack the middle of the field.

Now remember in Ozzie we trust so let’s let the wizard work in regards to possibly bringing in some outside help. Visante Shaincoe has already been in for a visit, but I’m going to throw out some other names that intrigue me as possibilities. Dallas Clark is at home right now, he knows Caldwell’s system well and he would provide a nice intermediate possession type target for Flacco. He’s a guy that can get 8 yards for us on third and seven.

Dallas in Baltimore?

Dallas in Baltimore?

Another option is to add another receiver to the mix, but the only name I would get excited about would be Brandon Lloyd. Yes he has been on twenty of the thirty-two teams in the league already but the guy can play.(I believe it’s actually seven teams). Lloyd is a guy that could line up opposite Torrey Smith, who I believe develops into a strong number one receiver this year, and helps provide a well-balanced attack across the field.  And given the fact that Lloyd hasn’t gotten a job yet should mean the Ravens can get him very cheap, a little over a million dollar fit this year.

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Going back to Shaincoe, you have to wonder why the Pats didn’t bring him back this year given their current catastrophe at the tight end position. I have to think something stronger has to be done. But if Ozzie chooses to stand pat, I trust his decision 100 percent. He could also be waiting for eventual training camp cuts that could bring along another wave of potential free agents to look over.

Keep your heads up Ravens fans, and remember injuries are just as much a part of the game as throwing, catching, and tackling. We have to overcome whatever is put in front of us-that is the Raven way.


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  1. Sexy article bruh. Maybe you could mention Ben Coates? He is out there you know…

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