Pitching Fails Birds Again. Birds Drop Series Opener To Hated Yankees, 6-5.

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The Run Down

The Birds haven’t set the world on fire from the bump so far this season, so when Wei-Yin Chen came out Monday night throwing darts, things were immediately looking bright down at the Yard.  Chen’s line was solid.  He allowed only two runs and four hits over six innings pitched, and he struck out four Yankees.  He also had a chance to notch his first win of the season when Adam Jones, who is currently carrying this club offensively, launched a Michael Pineda pitch into the left field bullpen area with Alejandro De Aza on base in the bottom of the sixth inning.  That gave the Birds a 4-2 lead.  But enter Tommy Hunter.  Hunter is a feast or famine kinda dude.  His arm throws out nothing but flame, but there are times when he struggles with location.  When he’s on, he’s great, but when he isn’t he is an absolute dumpster fire.  Unfortunately, in tonight’s contest, Hunter played the ignited trash role, allowing a walk and three hits in only one inning pitched. One of those hits was a pinch-hit, Stephen Drew grand slam that was born of a 3-1 Hunter meatball. That made the score 6-4 and it also almost caused me to chuck my remote at my flat screen.  ( But it’s only April, so cooler thoughts prevailed, babes.)


The Birds would then load the bases twice in the seventh, but somehow they only managed to plate one run despite all the damn base runners.  Chris Davis would culminate all the anger and frustration of the inning by making the final out of the frame by striking out.  C’mon man.

Andrew Miller would then enter the fray in the eighth inning to squash all Oriole hopes.  He pitched 1.2 innings for the save and struck out three of the five batters he faced.  Not paying him to stay here was a mistake, but to see him shut the Birds down in a Yankees uniform is a real kick to the ball-sack.

No doubt about it, this loss sucked.  But both teams will play each other again tomorrow.  I think Adam Jones said it best…


Other Game Notes

If one Yankee fan is sitting in Camden Yards- it’s too many goddamn Yankee fans in Camden Yards.

Watching Chris Davis strike out with the bases juiced in the seventh was absolutely mind-numbing and nauseating.

Adam Jones is on absolute fire.  I’m surprised there aren’t scorch marks out where he stands in center filed.  Jones is 10 for his last 14, with 3 home runs and 7 RBIs.


Manny Machado and Caleb Joseph had two hits apiece.

Alejandro De Aza also had two hits.  He is also on fire.

The O’s bullpen has allowed a run in every game this season.  That sucks compared to last season. Actually that sucks compared to any season.

Next Up For The O’s

Wednesday night, same place, same time.  Sabathia (0-1) vs Gonzalez (0-1)

Let’s Go O’s!


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