Pierre Garcon Repeatedly Calling JJ Watt A “F*ck Boy” On “Hard Knocks” Is Worth Your Watch

Sports and Bets — August 12, 2015 at 3:39 am by

“I do what the fuck I want to do fuck boy” is one of the top ten greatest lines of our generation. It’s on another level cocky. And as much as people want to suck on JJ Watt’s shaft, I sort of think he is in fact, a fuck boy. (Not a major one or anything, just sort of a douche). I’m probably the only person in America that thinks that though. But that being said, Watt’s made a fair point, in that he would absolutely dismantle Pierre Garcon if it came to blows out there. So there’s that. I’m still team Garcon here though just cause of what a power move it was.

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  1. JJ Watt doesn’t want to see Garcon’s bodyguard. He wil give Watt a true test, trust me on this.

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