Phil Hughes Is Turning Down $500,000

Sports and Bets — September 25, 2014 at 8:22 pm by

Coming into last night’s start, Phil Hughes needed to pitch 8.1 innings to reach 210 innings for the year, and trigger a $500,000 bonus in his contract. Hughes was up for the challenge, holding the Diamondbacks to one run over eight innings while only throwing 96 pitches. But Hughes would never get a chance to come out for the start of the 9th inning because of a 66-minute rain delay. Such a gut punch. I wonder if he tried his best Carl Spackler impression to persuade the umps to let them keep playing.

The Twins knew that Hughes got a raw deal, so today, they tried to make amends. They asked Hughes if he wanted to pitch in relief this weekend, and here’s what he had to say on the matter…

I would understand his decision if he had to pitch something drastic like five innings on two days rest, but this is a layup. All he needs is one more out, and he can wait till Sunday to get it. That’s three days rest. There’s going to be a handful of pitchers that will make starts on three days rest this postseason, and they will go deep into the ballgame.This isn’t about injury risk, this about Hughes being on his high horse. Fuck nobility, you earned that money, Phil. So stack that paper, or if you don’t want it, give it all away to charity. Just don’t be a complete schmuck and let the Twins keep it. 

via Deadspin & ESPN

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