Phelps Beats Jordan in Golf

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Yahoo Two of the world’s most famous golfers aren’t anywhere near an Augusta tee this week, but they took to the links just the same.Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan teed it up at the 12th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. And the winner was … Michael, of course.Phelps, that is. The world’s greatest swimmer defeated the world’s greatest hoopster by a 73-72 score. Phelps appears to be one of those rare athletes who switches sports to golf late in life and somehow manages to make a respectable go of it.


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Endless gold medals, money, women, and now beating MJ in a round of golf. I’m starting to think Phelps sold his soul to the devil… Either that, or Jordan is still unfocused with all of his baby mama issues.

This is Michael Jordan we are talking about!


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