Peyton Manning Made A Creepy Ass Gatorade Commericial

Humor, Sports and Bets — August 18, 2014 at 2:25 pm by

I was almost positive around the 1:20 mark that this was going to turn into full scale pornog. Thought it must’ve been some weird cross promotion between Gatorade and Brazzers. You had a pretty, down on her luck girl who desperately wanted a Gatorade, and two dudes who were willing to give her that Gatorade for something other than cash. I mean, come on. All that was missing was some smooth jazz and a boom mic. When she said, “What do I need to do for the Gatorade?” I fully expected Manning to unzip, and tell her that she needed to take a trip down south to Omaha. Just look at this sick perv.┬áIf that’s not the face of a man who participates in sex acts in a gas station, then I don’t know what is.


I also can’t believe that Gatorade took a shot at people who use their product as a hangover cure. That’s gotta be a decent chunk of their business that they just scoffed at. The next time I’m dehydrated and hurting after a night on the town, I’ll remember this slight and use my hard-earned money on a Powerade. Mountain Berry Blast for life, you pretentious fucks.

via The Big Lead


  1. Lol what the fuck

  2. She should have just walked out after flipping the counter guy the bird. Who knew Gatorade was being managed by idiot behavior Nazis? LOL

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