Peyton & Eli Manning Made Another Shitty Rap Video

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Last year, the Manning bros made a music video for DirecTv called, “Football On Your Phone.” It was pretty fucking lame. Now their back with “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” because the world always needs more commercials starring these two gomers.

What a terrible attempt at rapping. And this is coming from someone who used to willingly listen to Tony Yayo. Who wrote this stuff anyway? Why the fuck would anyone want to get showered with tiny footballs? That’s going to be a terrible shower experience. My football fantasy shower would be Pat Summerall giving play-by-play of me and the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad getting lathered up.


I will admit that the video did have its moments, though. Peyton rocking a white tee with a silver chain is a hilarious look. That was the go-to tough guy outfit back in my middle school days. All he needed to do was spike up his hair in the front, and I would’ve been convinced that he was going to steal Eli’s lunch money by the end of the song. I also thoroughly enjoyed Joe Namath’s cameo appearance. The ol’ horndog has still got it. First, the stew comes to a boil, then your mom’s panties drop. Classic Broadway Joe.

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