Perv Exposes Himself To Young Girl And Mother In A Glen Burnie Goodwill

News — August 26, 2014 at 6:55 pm by

Anne Arundel police are currently looking for the creep wad who exposed himself to a 10-year-old and her mother in a Goodwill last Saturday. The store is located in the 7300 block of Ritchie Highway, so keep an eye out for the guy who not only scarred a family, but disgraced a happy place. There are a few places in this world where I can find a pair of roller blades and a mink coat in the same aisle, and nobody deserves to have that joy stripped from them by a set of dangling nuts.



This just seems so bizarre, like how does this go down? According to reports, “There’s no indication, at this point, of any words being exchanged, there was no contact.” Is that the move for this kind of thing? Just find some unsuspecting shoppers, and wallah, hit them with a surprise they will never forget. Creep.

via WBAL

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