People Butt Hurt About Missing Jalen Ramsey Need To Revisit The Past

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All I’ve been hearing about the Ravens is how they needed Jalen Ramsey, and how disappointed people are that we missed out on him, and went with Ronnie Stanley instead. Obviously, Ramsey was taken at 5, and wasn’t available at 6, but I think the Ravens probably would have jumped on him had he still been there. There was also talk of the Ravens trading up to the fourth pick to select Ramsey, which is a trade that obviously never happened.

But I like it that way. The Ravens needed a permanent answer on the left side of the O-line, and they hopefully got one. The Ravens haven’t been that successful in drafting skill position players, and couldn’t afford not to get a long term star in this draft.


Besides, cornerbacks taken recently in the top ten just haven’t worked out.



Here’s a list of the only top ten cornerbacks taken in the last four years:

2015- None: First corner selected- 11. Minnesota Vikings- Trae Waynes

2014- 8. Cleveland Browns- Justin Gilbert

2013- 9. New York Jets- Dee Milliner

2012- 6. Dallas Cowboys- Morris Claiborne

10. Buffalo Bills- Stefon Gilmore


You have to go all the way back to the 2011 draft when the Cardinals took Patrick Peterson fifth overall to find a decent NFL cornerback. Obviously the jury is still out on Jalen Ramsey. But the point is, don’t get all worked up because the Ravens didn’t trade up and get him. Top ten cornerbacks have rarely worked out to be the “can’t miss” players they’re often chalked up to be.

He’s no guarantee, and I’d be willing to bet Stanley has a better career than Ramsey.



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