People Are So Delusional About Michael Vick’s Career

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Every time I hear all these slap dicks on sports shows and social media talk about Michael Vick, it’s almost laughable. They talk about how incredible he was with Atlanta and Philadelphia. They literally act like he was the best quarterback in the league in his prime. It’s ridiculous. The truth is he has had basically the most overrated career of all time.

He’s won 62 out of the 116 games he’s started in the NFL, for a pathetic 52.5 win percentage.

That’s a slightly worse win percentage than Rex Grossman, who finished his career at 52.9%, and it’s also worse that Tim Tebow’s and Mark Sanchez’s.

Vick has also only won two career playoff games.


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His stats, from


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Aside from the fact that his sorry ass has only played a full season once in his career, he’s also only thrown for a 60% completion rate once in his career (obviously we’re not counting 2015). The most touchdowns he’s ever thrown for in a season was 21, and he’s never thrown for more that 3,303 yards in a year, and his career yards per game is pathetic.

Yeah, you can talk about what a dynamic playmaker he is, and that’s true. And these passing stats aren’t fully indicative of his game, because he has in fact been an incredible runner. Maybe the greatest running quarterback of all time. But has a team ever won with a run-first, below average passing quarterback? No, they win with smart, durable quarterbacks who can actually throw the ball from the pocket. People get caught up in big athletic plays, and don’t look at how bad he actually has been.

Oh yeah, and last season with the Jets he had the worst completion percentage and QBR in the league.

So can people stop talking about how good Michael Vick has been in his career? Cause the stats say he’s a bad quarterback.

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  1. What people fail to realize or consider is that his last year before going to jail he was making great strides to pass first run second… wht the stats dont show is that, during that year, the falcons led the league in dropped passes…which means he did his job… but that gets counted against his completion percentage. Roddy white was horrible back then. Had he not gone to jail, i contend he would have continued to get better and would have had a much etter overall career.

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