Pennsylvania College Dean Was Shipped Package Of Fake ID’s Supposed To Go To Student Named Dean

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UPI– “Four Radnor Township college students who ordered fake IDs from China made a cringe-worthy blunder. Police said an 18-year-old college student named Dean ordered a box of fake IDs and had them shipped to his campus address. What the student probably didn’t think about was he shared the same name with a dean at his school. The package was delivered to the administrator, who open the box and found eight realistic-looking IDs, one complete with the student’s real name.

Police would not reveal the students’ real identification or the college in which they attended, and they will not face criminal charges, but may face discipline from the school.

Brilliant idea here. If your name’s Dean, and you can’t figure out your own personal address on campus, just make sure you get it shipped directly to the actual dean. And include your full name on the inside of the package. That way you’ll make it as easy as possible for him to identify you, and thus getting you the package that you requested. Fool proof plan.

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  1. That’s a federal offence why didn’t he face any charges?? Did the White priviledges had anything to do with it?

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